Star Wars: Rivals

Two sisters vie to become Jedi Master Cuthar's apprentice, but one sister's dark past drives a rift between the two siblings...

Star Wars: Rivals delves into issues of pride, verbal abuse, and bullying. How do we deal with these issues without turning to the dark side? Watch and share your thoughts with us.


A Moai Films Production Presented by The Reclamation Society

  • Produced By: Marianne Haaland & Christen Haaland
  • Directed By: Benjamin Anklam
  • Screenplay: Jay Sherer & Benjamin Anklam
  • Story By: Jay Sherer & Nathan Scheck (Co-founders of the Reclamation Society)
  • Cinematographer: Lukas Colombo
  • Edited By: Benjamin Anklam
  • Starring:
    • Marianne Haaland as Skye
    • Maddy Curley as Kel
    • Brandon Byrd as Master Cuthar
    • JoEllen Anklam as Skye's Mother
  • Sound Design & Editing: Sean Hines
  • Assistant Director: Lindsay Verbil
  • Costume Designer: Meghan Ims
  • Visual Effects: Daniel Saldivar
  • Production Design: David Hartwell
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Britt King
  • 2nd Assistant Camera: Stone Alvaro
  • Gaffer: Arthur Garcia
  • Script Supervisor: Jennifer Hoge
  • Lightsaber Design: Nathan Scheck & Caleb Scheck
  • Fight Choreography: Mark Miscione
  • Hair & Makeup Lead: Ruth Baldwin
  • Makeup: Eric Wilson
  • Sound Recording: Gray Thomas-Sowers
  • Meals By: The Meat & Vegetables Trading Company
  • Production Assistants: Paula Gooch, Jeffrey Gardner, and Jessica Sherer
  • Special Thanks: Jesus Christ, Rocky Sherer, Rosemary Scheck, Sam & Patrice Scheck, Mick & Melinda Terich, Tom & Stephany Reh, Steve & SeAnna Reh, Benjamin Coberly, Colleen Trusler, Russell Vint, Cody & Sarah Sherer, John Campbell, Joseph Bentz, Christopher Neal, Dennis Bachman, Connie Moe, Steve Wright, Jesse & Ana Sherer, and the Riverside County Film Commission