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Star Wars: RIVALS

Only one will be chosen.

Two siblings compete for acceptance into the Jedi Order. But what happens when verbal abuse and bullying threaten to tear them apart?

Star Wars: Rivals is the first film produced and distributed by the Reclamation Society. Watch the film and view the entire list of cast and crew. Star Wars: Rivals was shot in one day!


Is this the Hand or the Water?

A bounty hunter named Flint seeks to escape his inner demons, but the arrival of Geraldine Abernathy--a Pinkerton detective--threatens to expose his past.

Book one of the Absolution Chronicles pulls from fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi, and the Wild West to weave a gritty, action-packed tall tale.

Story by Jay Sherer and Nathan Scheck. Written by Jay Sherer. Cover art by Malachi Ward. Interior art by Nathan Scheck.

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1938. Santa Barbara, CA. A botched bank robbery. A dead body. And a mysterious stranger.

What does it mean to be a hero? How does one become a villain? Follow Sean Lawless as he begins to unravel the truth.

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Lawless: The Demise is written by Jay Sherer and illustrated by Nathan Scheck.

[Coming soon from the Reclamation Society.]