Why The Reclamation Society Matters:

We love geek stories. But do geek stories provide us with life-giving narratives that speak to hope and Truth? Watch Jay explain why the Reclamation Society (and The Story Geeks podcast) matters.

We're growing!

We're launching new and exciting projects. But we need YOUR HELP! Here's what we're up to:

  • Building a studio dedicated to Reclamation Society projects
  • Launching TWO new shows under The Story Geeks podcast umbrella: Make It Better and Hash It Out
  • Improving our YouTube presence with new videos (including The Story Geeks podcast highlights)
  • Officially making Jay and Daryl ongoing co-hosts


In order to successfully implement these things, we need your support! Please consider donating to the Reclamation Society [we're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means your donation is tax deductible]. Read more below!


Now is the best time to donate! Why? Because of two exciting new perks:

  • NEW! We have a MATCHING GIFT partner! For every donation (up to $1,500), we have a donor who will match your donation! Give now and your donation will be doubled. WOW!
  • NEW! Everyone who donates to this campaign will have their name placed on exclusive art that's going up in the new studio!!!

Every little bit helps!

What we need (and want)


The Zoom H6 Recorder will serve as our audio interface and allow us to have multiple mics for in-studio guests. It's the centerpiece of the new audio setup. This is a big price tag, but even if you can give a portion, every little bit is appreciated!


In order to do an effective podcast, we need good mics! We're buying the highly reviewed RODE Procaster mic used. But, even used, it's still $150. Audio equipment is expensive, y'all... But, if you can help us, we'd appreciate it!!!

ATR2100 Mic - $50 (ALREADY PURCHASED!!!)

Not quite as amazing as the RODE Procaster, this mic is versatile and still a solid mic. This is the mic our guests will use! We're buying this one used as well.


Mics require a mic stand, and this stand is easily adjustable and helps reduce unwanted noise pollution (like when guests pound on the table...). Our guests will love it!


Besides content, audio quality is the most important aspect to both podcasting and video production. Audio panels will help reduce the number of sound waves hitting our mics (and improve the way we sound!). Each panel is a little pricey, and we could use your help getting the required number of panels!

XLR Cables (4) - $10-20 EACH (NEEDED)

With improved sound quality and better mics comes the need for additional cables! If you don't have the ability to donate a lot of money, don't worry, EVERY little bit helps. Donate a few dollars and help us get these important cables!

Flat Screen monitor - $150 (WANT)

This isn't a NEED, per se, but it does help us produce content. With a flat screen, wall-mounted monitor, we can film story breakdown videos far more easily! And, as we produce more videos for YouTube, this becomes essential!

mevo camera - $400 (WANT)

This camera would dramatically improve how we record the podcast for YouTube! It's a brand new camera, and it's already selling like crazy, and for good reason. It's perfect for recording a podcast!

Camera - $600 (WANT)

As we're producing a lot more video, we could use an awesome camera!

$5 - $10 - $25 Gifts

We understand that a lot of these items cost a decent chunk of change... But, you don't have to donate a large amount of money. A $25 gift gets us 1/3 of the way to another sound absorption panel! A $5 gift gets us halfway to another XLR cable. Every amount helps. If you don't have the funds to donate more, no problem. Small amounts are appreciated as well!

Donate items, too!

You might not have the cash on hand to help us grab some of the pricier items, and that's okay. If you have one of the items listed above and you're not using it, you can donate it to us! We would love that! If you're interested in donating an item, please email us at